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History of Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church


Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church was founded in 1909 by the late Rev. Ed Hill. It is not know n how many years he preached, but some of the younger generations remembered that one of his favorite sermons was on 1 John. The first pastors were Rev. Ed Hill, Rev, Pratt, Rev Mose Howard and Rev. Willie Ethridge. Pioneer members were Deacon Willie McDonald, Tillis Mathis, Isaac Daniels, West Marion, and Brother John Blakely. It was noted that Deacon Willie McDonald could not read, but was able to line his favorite hymn, “The Day is Passed and Gone” without missing a word, just by being a listener and by being spiritually inspired.


Memory has it that Macedonia was a small wooden church located in a bush arbor on now (West Griffith Street) where lamps and lanterns were used. the church was heated by an iron round belly stove. Baptisms were held in Bob Sikes Pond, a nearby spring, and in later years in Turkey Hen Creek until a pool was built in the church in 1952. The first known child to be blessed/christened in Macedonia was Bazine McDonald in 1941. Macedonia has recieved at least four facelifts during its 100 year existence. The Church was later moved to the present location at 603 West Chestnut Avenue, now Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Crestview, FL.


In later years, the church style changed. With help from other members and friends, Deacon Hope McDonald and Mr. James Parker completed the job of bricking the church with red brick. Macedonia was built by people who loved the Lordand by those in charge of auxiliaries. 

They sold dinners, peanuts, barbequed pig feet, and homemade ice cream. The cost of mullet fish was 10 cents per pound, and Sister Pate sold many fish plates. Deacons Tills Mathis and Bryant McDonald sold peanuts, Sister Sarah Hayes sold barbequed pig feet, and Mother Hattie Howard sold ice cream. Many Sacrifices were made through paying church dues.


In 1995, on the 43rd Women’s Day, a total of $5,000 was raised to pad the pews. Sister Pat Westbrook was the chairperson, and Sister Dorothy Hodge was Co-chairperson. Pianists and Musicians have been Sister Smith, Rev. Cawthon, Sister Washington (8 years), Sister Joyce McDonald-Young, Sister Jeannie Washington, Sister Veneita Collazo, Sister Katie Kidd, Sister Sharon Kid, Brother Shannon Hayes, Brother Kyra Brown, Sister Ruth Owens, Sister Maggie Brown, Rev. Leonard Williams, Brother James Hill, Sister Linda Parker, and Brother Derek Milton.


  • Musicians — Brother Derek Milton, Sister Linda Parker, Brother Shannon Hayes, Brother Rudolph Applewhite, Brother Skinner and Brother Tatum Taylor


Rev. H.C. and Sister Willie Mae McCray served as Pastor and First Lady of Macedonia for 25 years or more. He was called to his Heavenly home in 1997. Replacing him was Rev. Dwight D. Baggett who served as interim pastor prior to his selection for the position. Rev. Baggett is the husband of Sister Novella Lee Baggett. They have two children, Patrick and Laurie.


Rev. Dwight D. Baggett presented the church with a vision: A new church. On June 6, 2009, his vision gave birth to a a new sanctuary.

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